Rant 6: People Part 2

My past few posts haven’t really followed the same structure that I had when I first started this blog, and my posts have been less frequent than I would have liked, that is why after this post I will not be posting for a while, I won’t delete this blog so people can still read my old posts and stuff, and comment if they so choose, but there will be no new posts for a while until I have sorted a few things out, I’ll include a link to my twitter below if anyone wants to follow me on twitter and message me directly, you don’t have to, but you can if you want. Now that I’ve got the sort of ‘goodbye for now’ out of the way let us move on to another fun rant. So for those of you who have read “Rant 2: People” this is the sequel as such, now this is a specific problem that has been occurring in my life for a while now, and it is really starting to annoy me. All people will make assumptions as some point in their lives, that’s a fact and we are all guilty of that at some point, there is nothing we can do about that. However it annoys me when I post a generic complaint or annoyance on Twitter and people assume it’s indirectly aimed at them, now in a world ruled with common sense I would expect them to do what I myself have down in the past, it only takes a few seconds to send a direct message to someone and say “hey was your tweet aimed at me?” See that’s even under 140 characters, so there is no excuse. But alas this world is not ruled by common sense, so instead of taking two minutes out of their ever so busy social lives (yes feel the sarcasm!) they post an indirect tweet about how they don’t care. So allow me to point a couple of things, if I post an indirect message and you feel it is aimed at you, why do you think this? Is it because your that vain you think you’re always on my mind? Or have you actually done something that’s annoyed me that your aware of that’s led to this assumption? Because lets face it, I’m not always the easiest person in the world to get along with and I accept this, however if you have gone out of your way to annoy me then I need to ask ARE YOU BROKEN? Who goes out of their way to annoy someone? Who actually does this? and I know that some people who I know personally will probably read this and assume “oh he’s bitching about me again” why does your vanity know no bounds? Also if you’re going to post an update about how you don’t care… you clearly do or you wouldn’t have post the “I don’t care message” Now to break away from the theme of this rant, another problem I have with people, if I have taken the time to text you or message you on Facebook, I expect you to reply. But not everyone will, cause let’s face it “ignoring people is so mature” Now this one crops up a lot in my day-to-day life, if I’ve text you anywhere between 07:00 and 07:30 then I have just woke up and you’re the first person I have messaged upon waking up, so I expect you to reply, not a few hours later and be like “oh I’ve just woke up.” You’ve just woke up really? Oh well obviously the internet is broken because your Facebook show’s you logged in 3 hours ago, how are you using the internet while your asleep? Cause this is an amazing skill you have here and you should share you’re secret with the rest of humanity. Or more simply you’re just a liar. Another problem that I have is those people who will take their time to get to know you, and when they know about your past when you finally open up to them, they then proceed to use your past against you, this has happened to me at least 3 times in the past six years, and it’s seriously one of the most annoying things that humanity does. Know this is specific to certain girls that I know, they will talk to me about my past when I’m down, judge my ex’s for what they did to me then proceed to start acting the same as my ex’s leading me to believe that most of the girls I know  are just clones of my ex’s, another kind of similar problem is those girls who start to move close to you, realise what they are doing, back away and then ignore you. WHY DO YOU DO THIS? This is one of the biggest problems I have with people. And also relationships annoy me, probably more than the dentist down the road that’s also a plastic surgeon (this annoys me a lot, my friends find it funny how much it annoys me, plastic surgeon and doctor work well together, but how is getting breast enhancements from the dude who did your root canal?) my problem with relationships is specific to those who seem to break up with someone every few months, complain to me about how terrible their ex was, tell me they will be single for ages and like a month later their with someone else, posting generic relationships updates on social media. So allow me to clarify something for you, nobody cares how “amazing” your boyfriend is, or how your new boyfriend is “perfect and how in love with them you” just like all your ex’s… Do you see the point yet? The first time you do it that’s fine its one of those “aw cute, young love” moments, the second time its “aw, sweet” third time it’s at the point where as a whole everyone else is like ” no, just stop it’s getting too much now” This is not because people are jealous that all your relationships have been ” the best thing ever” and how you have been completely in love with at least 3 different people in the past 4 years. Let me break love down for you, love has absolutely nothing to do with the heart, (buzz kill I know right?) But it doesn’t it’s a chemical reaction in your brain, the same reaction you get from eating chocolate… are you in love with that chocolate bar? No? Wow shocker… but as for the whole notion of the “feeling of love” it works very simply, people assume it’s complicated but it isn’t, love works on the basis of you never have, or you always will. Love is not  a feeling that goes away after a while, it stays with you forever, I can safely say I have had this feeling once in my life time, and at the age of 22, I’m just about down with it, yes I still love one ex, I am not in love with her but I still love her and care about her, but she doesn’t care so… but anyway, when all is see is people going on and on and on about how “in love” they are in their third relationship (that I know of) it starts to really great on my last nerve, seriously just grow up! Okay so that concludes my last post for a while, enjoy your time, have fun, and I’ll post again in the not too distant future Follow me on Twitter

Rant 5: EMO

Okay so this is a rant I never thought I would ever need to write, but after the past week on Twitter, it seems from some of the tweets I’ve seen people still have a misguided view on what ‘emo’ actually means, so allow me to educate those who are still unsure. Now I shall begin now by telling you to ignore everything that you have seen or heard in the mass media. Now if someone classifies themselves as ‘emo’ it does not mean that you will or have or do self harm. We all know there are people who do self harm it does not make them emo, those people need to speak to someone and get the help that they need. Just because there are people who self harm and identify themselves as emo does not make the entire sub culture the same. Which brings me on to my next point, emo music. Now this is something that will divide the masses, Emo music is a genre, which if you think about it isn’t very different from the power ballads of the 80′s which a lot of people still listen to know, so how come in the 80′s it was fine but now we have the emo sub culture suddenly it’s no longer acceptable. Why? It makes no sense, a lot of people will not agree with this but My Chemical Romance’s “The Black Parade” album WAS emo, whether the band like it or not or some fans get annoyed about it, it doesn’t change the fact that it is emo, now because of the negative connotations in the media after the release of this album MCR were blamed for a lot of bad stuff, not dissimilar from Marilyn Manson getting blamed for travesties. And it’s because of things like this that people have their negative ideas about a completely harmless sub culture, we probably all know someone who identifies themselves as emo and that is fine, there is nothing wrong with that, you don’t get people having ago at goths for being in that sub culture so why should you do it to emos? So next time you decide to post a tweet saying things like “people who call themselves emo make me sick” and “why would you even want to be emo” remember they are people just like the rest of us, just because they don’t dress the same as you or listen to the same music as you doesn’t make them bad, they just identify with a different group to what you consider to be the norm. So I guess the main point of this is to say to you, lay of off other people because your tweets are considered a form of internet bullying if someone takes offence to it, let them live their lives how they want to, they don’t tell you how to live your life so don’t do it to them. Just remember emo is an abbreviation of emotional, so why bully or hate someone for being in tune with their emotions?


Issues: Issues Review

This is a quick review, I’ll amend it to a full one later when I have more time. This review is for the new Self titled album by Issues. Now for those of you who are not familiar with Issues they are a band who were sort of born from the ashes of Woe, Is me (before they actually split up.) I’d class them more as metalcore cause they have some good screams and clean vocals as well, which now days doesn’t always guarantee that you’re a metalcore band but sometimes it helps. Anyway on to the album, now this album isn’t actually released until 18th February (as always the link to the album will be posted below, you guys know how this works by now,) but I was lucky enough to get the chance to obtain and listen to this album, and let me tell you this now IT’S AMAZING! Like seriously bloody good, now I don’t recall ever using profanity in my blog (for those of you who don’t know profanity is the nice word for swearing) anyways back on point, this album is fucking amazing, yeah okay I said it, but it’s true. Now the album opens up with the track ‘Sad Ghost’ lyrically the song is amazing, and the same can be said for it musically as well, while it may not be everyones cup of tea, one listen to the upload on YopuTube did point out it sounds like Princeton Ave 2, and after another listen I can see where their coming from. The band are made up of Tyler Carter – Clean vocals (ex Woe, Is Me)  Michael Bohn – Screams (ex Woe, Is Me)  Ty “Scout” Acord – Turntables, Synthesizers AJ Rebollo – Guitar Skyler Acord – Bass and Josh Manuel – Drums. Now each one of these guys do an amazing job respectively. There is a truley amazing feel to this album as each one has carried out their own part with passion and obvious pride which helps make this one of the best debuts you will hear this year, and that is a fact, these guys did an amazing job on their EP Black Dimonds, so if you’re a fan of Black Dimonds Woe, Is me, A Skylit Drive, Escape The Fate, Falling In Reverse, Crown The Empire or Attila check these guys out, buy the album, see them live, like them on Facebook, follow them on twitter, instergram and anything else, buy their merch and give these guys you’re full support cause they have a huge and prosperous career ahead of them

9/10 \m/

Issues iTunes (UK)

Issues iTunes (US)


I, Frankenstein

Okay so I haven’t done a review of anything in a while as I’ve had a lot going on. But today ladies and gentlemen I have made a grave error that I hope to prevent all of you from making. Today I went to sew I, Frankenstein and this was literally one of the worst uses of money since the invention of dolphins GPS (yes I’m aware its not a real thing). Now for those of you who don’t know this “film” is an Australian-American movie written and directed by Stuart Beattie, now this is the same guy who brought us such blockbusters as Pirates of The Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, Punisher: War Zone, and G.I. Joe: Rise of The Cobra. Now he served as writer and director to this abomination of a movie. The title role was portrayed by Aaron Eckhart, if you think you don’t know the name I Googled him, he played Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight (yeah I didn’t notice it was the same guy either) it also stars Yvonne Strahovski (who has been in literally nothing I’ve ever seen) but the one saving grace is that Bill Nighy is in it ( he was in Underworld and Harry Potter). But one major problem I have with this film is there is no depth to the characters at all, absolutely none, which is something that truly confuses me, how can you have a film with no character depth? Seriously? How could you do that? Like how is that even possible? One thing that would of improved this film would of been the casting of Hugh Jackman in the tile role (who for reasons unknown to anyone is called Adam) the camera work at times is and odd concept, there’s this one scene where the camera is shaking for some reason whether it was meant to or not I don’t know, there doesn’t appear to be any form of plot to follow and has too many clichés for my liking, it’s actually quite annoying. Another major let down is that the had guys lead by Bill Nighy are more likeable and less threatening then the “good guys” who seem to understand their mission less then the audience do, I don’t know why Lionsgate have put their name on this I honestly don’t. In short avoid this movie it is terrible its an abomination to cinema and film lovers everywhere. Although it had one good point, the credits rolled up eventually

I have no rating for this film


Okay so I had a link sent to me on twitter to a video by EarlyRise and I listened to it a couple of times and found it quite difficult to place, so I thought to myself “damn, how can I write a review of a band if I can’t even place thief genre?” And then it occurred to me, why not listen to another one of their songs? So I did. And after careful consideration I thought hmm “pop punk” wouldn’t be an unfair placement, I mean come on there are some good pop punk bands out there. So yeah Early Rise are a pop punk band from… America? I mean it’s hard to say, these guys and girl don’t really tell you much about themselves, their Facebook, Twitter, and website have no information on where they come from just ” EarlyRise set out on a unique journey, mixing the poetic side of music with the edgier side of rock. EarlyRise was founded by Orly Lari (vocals, piano) and Raz Klinghoffer (guitar player and producer), who combined their different styles and started writing music together. They were later joined by Itamar Goldwasser (Drums) and Dima Grossman (Bass) and finally emerged with their debut album “What if” which was self released in May 2011. The album explores many levels of experience and emotion, making each song unique, with its own style and point of view.” (That’s actually taken from their website I’ll post a link) I mean their website accepts dollars, but I think BFMV’s website does as well and their welsh… so I’ll just guess their American as most bands that I review from Twitter tend to be. Now anyways, for those of you who haven’t heard of them EarlyRise did a cover of ‘Narcissistic Cannibal’ originally by Korn. It’s not a bad attempt (as normal, those who are familiar with how this works their will be a link provided below) so yeah it’s not too bad, but I’ll be honest as always, their own material is better then their Korn cover, nothing against Korn, I reviewed their new album, it’s just I don’t feel that the song matched their style very well. Anyways so back to EarlyRise review, they are good at what they do, an I’m sure they’ll have a good career ahead of them, they play together well, and they are suited at what they do, hopefully there new album will be released soon, and I’ll be able to give you a better insight

4/10 \m/

Narcissistic Cannibal (Korn Cover)

EarlyRise Website

Bullet for my Valentine: Raising Hell

So it’s finally happened BFMV are back on form after the disappointing release that was ‘Temper Temper’ bullet have hit back with a new track ‘Raising Hell.’ Now a lot of you reading this might be thinking “but Temper Temper was good” and let me say this I’ve been a bullet fan for years and I was disappointed with the last album cause it didn’t have the bullet feel to it, the new song does, it’s got great riffs, amazing lyrics, and the good ol’ bullet feel, which is very important, so yeah check it out it’s on itunes now!

Anchors To Anchors: Interview

So I spoke to one of the guys from ATA a little while ago about soon an interview and I’ve just been able to get wifi to upload it, unfortunately since moving it’s been remarkably difficult to get internet, but the reviews and other stuff will be up and running like normal again soon. So with out further tangents here is the interview with Anchors To Anchors

How long have you been playing together as a band?

We started playing music together around January of 2012 but didn’t actually start giving it our all until about the spring of 2012.

What/who inspired you to play your instrument?

Kevin: Hearing Mike McCready of Pearl Jam play the solos off of Ten made me want to play them and achieve that level of sheer awesomeness.

Danny: My Dad inspired me to start playing my instrument. He’s still one of the biggest influences I have

Nick: My family has a lot of guitar players so playing guitar was something I admired when I was younger, my uncle is definitely my biggest inspiration.

Brandon: I started learning instruments when I was 8 and I was always into learning music when I was growing up. My brothers were always into sports while I was the one interested in music. Since then I have learned how to play over a dozen instruments.

Where did you guys meet?

We live in a small town and met up there and found everyone else from ads posted for the band.

Where does the name Anchors to Anchors come from?

Anchors to Anchors was something we came up with one day when we were sitting around discussing name ideas and it kind of stuck.

What’s the story behind you’re EP ‘Clubhouse Cancer’?

Basically the writing follows a theme of moving to a new area and also the changes that came from moving as well as questioning the decisions you’ve made.

What are you’re plans for the future?

Tour extensively and record a full length.

Can you give us any information about any new material?

We have another EP written that we hope to record this winter.

If you could tour with anyone who would it be and why?

Kevin: If I could tour with anyone in the world it would be A Day to Remember. Those guys look like they have the best time and it would be really cool to be a part of that
Brandon: Bands like Chunk! No Captain Chunk, and The Wonder Years which have influenced me in my writing as well as life.

Nick: I would love to tour with The Wonder Years, they have been a huge influence to me and I would love to share the stage with them.

Danny: I wouldn’t love to tour with any specific band, I’d just like to tour main stage at warped tour, because I mean come on It’s warped tour

What was your first introduction to music?

Kevin: My first introduction to music was Christmas Day 2006. I got my first guitar as a gift and I spent the entire Christmas staring at Ultimate-Guitar.com learning as much as I could. Although I couldn’t learn full songs at that point, I basic riffs to my favorite songs and I just fell in love with it.

Brandon: I started learning instruments when I was 8 and I was always into learning music when I was growing up. My brothers were always into sports while I was the one interested in music. Since then I have learned how to play over a dozen instruments.

Nick: I have been interested in music throughout much of my early childhood. While growing up I played in the school band for most of my life if not all. I always had a thing for music and guitar is an instrument that many of my family members play so the choice to play came naturally.

Danny: My first introduction to music was probably third grade when they gave our recorders to everyone and made you learn hot cross buns.

Did it play a big part in your music style?

Kevin: I’d say it did play a big part in my music style, the heavier riffs like “Enter Sandman,” “Fear of the Dark” and a stripped down version of
“Crazy Train” definitely made me want to push my amp and play heavier

Brandon: I respect all types of music I’ve been in many different bands who play different genre’s. The style that we play now is the style I enjoy the most of any though.

Nick: I’ve been in a few different bands who have played music styles almost opposite to Anchors to Anchors. The style we play now is definitely the heaviest I’ve ever played but I enjoy the challenges that come along with this type of music.

Danny: It didn’t really effect my music style, that song sucks.

Who is your favourite band?

Kevin: Pearl Jam

Brandon: Chunk! No Captain Chunk

Nick: Fall Out Boy

Danny: Currently my favorite band…we’ll I don’t have one specific band. I’m pretty into Memphis May Fire, Pierce the Veil, the new All Time Low ablum is playing in my car right now.

What’s you’re all time favourite song?

Kevin: My favorite song of all time is a tough question to answer because it changes all the time. I’d say, currently, I can’t stop listening to “Passing through a Screen Door” by The Wonder Years

Brandon: That’s a hard question I would have to say “33” by “The Ghost Inside”.

Nick: My all time favourite song would have to be “Washington Square Park” by The Wonder Years, I connect with this song on so many levels and it still gets to me when I listen to it today.

Danny: My all time favorite song….. Thrice, Artist in the Ambulance.

If you could be a superhero who would you be and why?

Kevin: If I could be a superhero I would be Iron Man (Tony Stark). Being a billionaire/play boy with a suit that will allow me to do whatever I want to do is pretty awesome. Also, he’s the only superhero that doesn’t hid behind a fake identity, he is who he is and I think that’s a very admirable quality to have.

Brandon: Batman because he’s a badass.

Nick: I would have to say that I would choose Flash. I don’t know a lot about super heroes in general but flash has always been one of my favorites.

Danny: I’d probably be a Green Lantern because why not?! You get your own quadrant of space!

Are there any funny stories from your time together?

Kevin: Funny stories. I’m sure there’s a lot, but we’re a band full of inside jokes so what we think is funny, other people think is just stupid. From being a rebel and drinking milk straight from the carton, to someone accidentally burning their hand trying to make bacon, to locking half of the people we’re on tour with in an RV in Michigan, we’re really just a bunch of idiots.