Okay so tomorrow Apple are meant to be unveiling the new iPhone, and people are already queuing outside apple in New York to buy it before a release date has been announced, now is it just me or do other people also think that the entire apple craze is a little much? Okay maybe I should point out the odd concept that some may consider irony, yes I am in fact writing this from an iPhone 5, not because I was one of those people that are like “oh my god it’s made by apple I must have this” it’s more because the windows 8 phone wasn’t available on my network at the time, so it’s more of a consolation prize, now if apples recent history with “s” phones is anything to go by they ain’t really much different from the actual phone, ya know its like “oh my god a faster processor” yeah my life isn’t going that fast I don’t plan on dying soon so I can wait for it to load, the iPhone 5 is quite fast anyways, “it’s got a slightly better camera!” Yeah if I wanna take great quality pictures I’ll buy a camera, they ain’t that expensive, you can buy a Nixon for what? Like £100? Something like that the iPhone starts at like £500, kinda a huge difference right there, I know what your thinking “but it makes calls and stuff” and yes that great but there is absolutely no need to be waiting for it for that long. It’s completely pointless, yeah the iPhone 5 is an alright phone, there are better phones, my own personal taste is the Windows phone range, but on specs Sony Xperia Z, Sony Xperia Z1, even the Acer Liquid S2 has better specs, and there cheaper, but ya know buy what you want, just stop with the crazy queuing


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