Rant Number One: Glee

So I feel the need to share this with you, okay my question now is: WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH TV NOW DAYS! It’s just the same old format that they keep churning out over and over again and people seem content on watching it, seriously what the hell is the point in Glee being on TV? It’s just like pop idol and we all remember how that turned out. Incase your lucky enough to have never seen it its about a group if “high school kids” (I think, they’re all adults I don’t know how old they are meant to be) and all they seem to do is “sing” (I use the term loosely) covers of what ever song is popular at the time, normally pop songs that are probably auto tuned (I don’t know if they are or not and to be honest that isn’t really the point right now that’s another rant for another day) now I haven’t been in school for years after finishing in 2008, but when I was at school we had a choir (glee club for some strange reason in the stupid program) but unlike the stupid program we didn’t just join together and sing a cover of what ever song people liked at the time, and we actually went to other classes, now I do not watch the program, my sister does and every time I catch sight of it out of the corner of my eye (seriously I have better things to do, like watching clips on YouTube of people walking into glass doors, try it (watching the videos that is, yeah brackets inside brackets!)) anyways all they ever seem to be doing is dancing about singing, it’s like they don’t learn anything else at school, maybe they do go to other lessons, but it just so happens to be every time I catch a glimpse of it their dancing and signing, maybe it’s just me by I swear we all out grew High School Musical, why did they feel the need to make a series?


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