The music industry

So on there is an article about an interview with Yngwie Malmsteen (legendary Swedish guitarist) from Classic Rock Revisited, I’ll post the link below so you can check it out for yourselves, now it this interview Yngwie says about how “the music industry died because of the piracy” now this is a major problem for artists, and yes it is killing the music industry, I know people are thinking “well music is so expensive to buy” and yes while I’ll agree that paying £15 for an album that has come out is a little much, PIRACY IS ILLEGAL AND IT IS STEALING! Ya know its getting to the point where artists may as well just record stuff in the shed and upload it to YouTube, there is becoming little point in trying to break into the music business unless you plan on going on the X factor, which is almost certain to amount to commercial success for a couple of weeks anyways, it’s ridiculous, if you don’t want to by a CD for £10-£15 then download it on iTunes or Spotify, there normally about £7.99 or something like that, yeah it’s not much of a difference but come on, this is people’s work, they work hard to give you music that your just stealing, basically in short STOP PIRACY!!!!!!

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN: ‘The Music Industry Died Because Of The Piracy’


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