The Other Side

Tonight Alive a “pop punk” band from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, have released their new album “The Other Side”. Now I’m not really one to tell people what to do, but yeah having said that get the album, it’s great, when you listen to it most people will be inclined to say “but they sound like Paramore” and while you can’t deny a slight Paramore like vocal sound, don’t let that fool you, not many singers put as much emotion into their work as Jenna McDougall, the band is completed by a series of great musicians all with obvious love and pride for their work with: Whakaio Taahi lead guitar, Jake Hardy rhythm guitar, Cam Adler on bass and rounded off with Matt Best behind the drum kit, there’s isn’t much you can say about the new album, with a performance like that it’s hard to put into words how much of your new favourite album this is, with tracks like “Lonely Girl” and title track “The Other Side” this album should be an instant success for them

9/10 \m/


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