Rant 2: People

Now today’s rant has a bit of a vague topic and there is so much that annoys me about people, not all people some persons are nice and/or great. But not the point can’t really rant about what I like about people that’s not what a rant is, anyways so yeah people, the main annoyance I have with people is the amount of two faced people in this world, I me man seriously get real people Two Face was just a character in Batman, it’s not real, there is absolutely no need to be two faces in this world, if you don’t like someone that’s great for you, there is no need to pretend to be their friend. Which brings me onto my next annoyance: women! Okay now before I start on this I must point out I have nothing against women in general, it’s just some women I have the misfortune of knowing. Now back to ranting now for some strange unknown reasons a lot of women say “oh I want a nice guy who will treat me right” (yeah okay so in my head they speak like stuck up 1920 housewives, seriously read it like that it’s funny) but only seem to date guys that couldn’t careless about them, while that annoys me, that isn’t the main problem. Those who use you are the problem, know I now guys do it as well but having never dated a guy it doesn’t annoy me as much (they are just dicks, don’t give them the time of day) now there are a lot of women that will tell you they like you and that they want to be with you without actually making any attempt to do so, and yeah it’s bloody annoying, just stop it, if you want to be with someone be with them, don’t tell them you want to be and make excuses as to why you can’t. Seriously know one is falling for that. Ignorance in company also annoys me a hell of a lot, like those people who will be sitting there texting each other when they are with a group people, yeah stop it it’s annoying and I ain’t the only one who thinks so, also those people who pretend they care about you when really they couldn’t care any less about ya? Yeah they also annoy me probably a lot more then anything should actually annoy anyone. So just to recap things that some people do really annoy me, women and men for that matter that use each other and lie about things annoy me


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