Schooling changes?

So the Save Childhood Movement is proposing changes to the education system in the UK that would see children focus mainly on play until the age of six or seven (check the link below for the sky news report on this) can I just start by saying this is stupid! There is nothing wrong with starting formal education at the age of 5 at all, what harm does it do? It doesn’t stop you being a child, you can still have fun and play with your friends, you get breaks at school, plus it helps you understand things better, I think that if this actually got the go ahead (thank you Department For Education describing it as “misguided”) then we would have a generation of children worse then we already have, it’s difficult enough to get children to take responsibility for the things they do without stopping formal education for a few extra years so they can play more, there is already a healthy balance, you go to school: learn, break, learn, lunch, learn home, when you get home YOU CAN PLAY! You don’t need to do that 24 hours a day, the letter is signed by people including: Lord Layard, director of well being program at the London School of Economics, and Dr David Whitebread, senior lecturer in psychology of education at Cambridge University. Now has anyone else noticed that these people all hold too jobs in some of the best schools in the country, and will probably have started formal education at the age of 5? It’s clearly done them no harm so why fix what ain’t broken?

children ‘Start School Too Young’: Experts


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