PS Vita TV

Sony has announced they have no plans to sell the PS Vita TV in the US or European markets at this point. So I put it to you, how much are we actually missing out? For those of you who don’t know the main selling point if PS Vita TV is that it allows you to play portable games on the tv screen, and also allows you to stream PS4 games on a second tv, the device will also support some video streaming apps like Sony’s own Video Unlimited. Now having said that are we really missing out on much? Surely the attraction to things like the PS Vita is that you don’t need a tv to stream it? Or are people really buying a handheld device in the hope tv streaming will be supported? And video streaming is already supported by everything from blu ray players to games consoles and laptops, so do we really need to combine movies streaming and games into a separate package despite the existence of Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One? Isn’t that really what the devices where invented for?
As always check out the link below for the full report from IGN

PS Vita TV Targeting Casual Players, Release in EU/US Uncertain


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