GTA V pre order blunder?

Rockstar games are said to be investigating  why consumers who pre ordered Grand Theft Auto V from the online retailer Amazon have received copies of the game this weekend, ahead of Tuesdays release. Check out the announcement by below. Grand Theft Auto V could shift 18 million units during Take-Two’s financial year. Have you already received your copy of GTA? If so does it live up to the hyper created around it?


Rockstar “investigating” GTA V early sales


3 thoughts on “GTA V pre order blunder?

  1. Reblogged this on Robcaple's Blog and commented:
    Haha, this is brilliant! Whoever got their copies early are extremely lucky!

  2. Ich hab nline mehr als zwei Stundedn gebrowesd ,aber kaum Artikel
    gefunden, die so klasse wie deine sind. Das ist echt toll fuer mich!

  3. Thanks for finally writing about >GTA V pre order blunder?

    | Pure666Hatred <Loved it!

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