Man of Steel 2

So on Friday Justin Bieber started the assumption that he may be cast for the role of Robin in the upcoming Man of Steel II (aka Batman Vs Superman) now this assumption was started by him posting a picture on Instagram of “the batman vs superman” script with his name on the front of it accompanied by #robin??
Now I dunno about you guys but this is a whole different shade of wrong, it’s hard enough for Hollywood to make films of our childhood heroes that fit in with all our expectations, with out making a huge “casting error” like that. (To confirm this is no more then a rumour that appears to be started by Bieber himself) when Ben Affleck was announced as the new Batman it certainly inspired reaction amongst fans of the legendary DC hero, what’s your feelings of Bieber as Robin in the new movie? And remember as far as I’m aware this isn’t confirmed as of yet. Check out the report from the Mirror newspaper below

Justin Bieber fuels rumours he’s joining the cast of Batman as Robin


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