Grand Theft Auto V Sales

So has reported that Grand Theft Auto V publisher Take-Two has announced that the game has made more then $1 billion in the last three days, making over $800 million in the first 24 hours and setting two new records. Yeah okay that’s a great achievement well done Take-Two, however take in to consideration that the price reported on Cnet earlier this week said the game averaged $60 in the US so that works out to only selling 16 million copies in America to earn that much, which of course we know isn’t true as the game has sold well all over the world, with the game apparently being cheaper in the UK then in Europe or US. So how many copies of the game where actually sold and what is the total cost for this ‘Blockbuster’ title that everyone seems to love? If I can actually find the sales figures and the total amount GTA V has sold by the end of the month I shall post it


‘Grand Theft Auto V’ sets record by earning $1 billion in just three days

Peter Molyneux Unimpressed By GTA V Sales Figures


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