Okay so I haven’t updated my blog as much as I would liked, cause I start university soon, but anyways: on to todays update. Steambox, no I haven’t gone insane this is the news that Valve may actually be making or releasing the Steambox for those who want steam in the living room. Now unless I’m not understanding steam properly, it’s a gaming system download thingy on the pc/laptop. Most computers and laptops, like TV’s, have a HDMI connection, which guess what? Allows you to use your pc/laptop on the TV with a HDMI cable, so shouldn’t this make a steambox pointless? Who is actually sitting in their house thinking ‘if only my laptop/pc could connect to the TV so I can play steam on the big screen’ Buy a HDMI cable (if your computer supports it, if not get a VGA to HDMI cable, then get the audio cables) and guess what? You could potentially save yourself some money!


Valve’s planning an announcement for Monday and it could be the Steambox


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