iOS 7 Screenlock bypass

You’ve probably heard about this a lot with Apple saying they “are aware of the issue” now after  a quick Google search I found the method behind this security flaw, and while I’ll admit it did work on an iPad 2 running iOS 7, since the first attempt it hasn’t worked since and yeah okay I can confirm it has also worked on an iPhone 5 running iOS 7, however reports that it allows people to gain control of your twitter and stuff like that, even with it still open in the background I’ve been unable to achive this without going to the lockscreen and entering my password, so either I’ve got the method seriously wrong or these reports have been over exaggerated. If you have found the method to do this and you can gain control of everything using this flaw let me know, cause at this point from my experience all you are able to do is close background apps without unlocking your phone, which is great if you want to save battery, but it also takes a little longer then unlocking your device with the passcode, the only app I managed to gain access to was pictures, if you’d already opened the camera from the control centre, and yeah it allows you to post pictures on to twitter, so not only does it require you to have your twitter linked to your phone it also requires you to have pictures you don’t want to end up on twitter, no wonder Apple don’t appear to be in much of a hurry to fix it, it seems to assume quite a lot about the people who’s devices your “trying to hack.” Maybe I’m wrong but it does seem to require a hell of a lot of user input in advance for you to be able to do any considerable damage, if you have had a different experience with this then let me know


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