Rant 4: Stupidity

Again this is a bit of a vast subject, now I think in my own opinion people need to learn the difference between stuff online and common sense. Now this is linked to the news today that people have been destroying their iPhones because of a spoof advert claiming that the iOS 7 update contains a waterproofing update thing or some rubbish. Now common sense dictates that it is quite impossible (unless I’m majorly mistaken) to put waterproofing into a device through a software update. There are ways that water will get into the device through the exposed parts of said device i.e. The charging connector, the volume buttons, ya know anywhere where there is a little whole water can get in. Now what on this planet possessed people to believe that it’s now waterproof through a software update, what happened to common sense, when did it become common place to see something wrote on the Internet and believe that it’s 100% true? I mean come on people get serious now, just cause it’s online don make it true

iOS 7 waterproofing spoof fools users, destroyed iPhones result


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