Suicide Silence Rumour: UPDATE

Okay so again I’ve been away for a while, and the wordpress app on my phone which I’d normally use when away from the computer uploads everything as private. So anyways moving on, it’s official that Suicide Silence have a new lead singer after the late Mitch Lucker (R.I.P.) passed away on Halloween last year, now there is rumours everywhere that Eddie Hermida from All Shall Perish is the new vocalist, these rumours have emerged after SS (Suicide Silence) posted a clip of the as of yet unnamed vocalist on the song You Only Live Once. Do these rumours hold any truth? At the moment we can only speculate, but below will be the post that announced it and the clip of the new vocalist so you can decide for yourselves whether to believe it or not, but remember at the moment this is JUST A RUMOUR.


Unfortunately not being on my computer I was unable to update this until now, it was confirmed on October 4 that Eddie Hermida has left All Shall Perish and joined Suicide Silence full time. This is no longer a rumour and is now actually a fact. I would like to wish Eddie all the best with Suicide Silence, and look forward to hearing the new vocalist for All Shall Perish when they announce who it is

Is Suicide Silence about to announce a new singer? The new guy might be…

Vocalist Eddie Hermida Exits All Shall Perish to Focus on Suicide Silence


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