Bands to check out

Okay so this is something new, as I haven’t been able to upload a new post everyday like I’d like to, I’m going to do a ‘bulk’ post, where I plan to review some ‘new’ bands that I’ve come across, not all of them are ‘new’ in the sense of just released some material, but new in a sense of I’ve just discovered some cool bands that you should check out. So having said that let’s start with the first one:


Mirrormaze are a prog metal band formed in Italy in 2008, taking influence from bands like Rush, Symphony X, Pink Floyd, Muse and Alter Bridge the three founding members  Davide Penna (guitars), Matteo Maselli (drums) and Sam Lanfranchini (keyboards) began to write songs together,their debut was released in 2012 in the form of LP ‘Walkabout’, this has got to be one of the best debuts I’ve heard, with tracks like ‘Prisoner’ and ‘Earn Your Answers’ this is definitely a band with huge potential.

8/10 \m/


Avatar are a Swedish melodic death metal band, now I came across this band on Spotify when listening to another band and decided to check out the related artists, (I do this on occasion since the days of Limewire when a friend of mine showed me that Cradle of Filth where also listed under Dance Music, still makes me laugh now) now these guys are great, the art work for there newest release ‘Black Waltz’ is slightly odd, but still a great band, with tracks like ‘Let it Burn’ and ‘Let Us Die’ it’s an album worth checking out by any metal fan, the lyrics can come across as strong at times but with the riff work of Jonas Jarlsby and Tim Öhrström, it certainly works

9/10 \m/


Dakrya are a theatrical metal band from Athens Greece, these are a must listen, there really are masters of their craft, there latest release ‘Crime Scene’ is a great album, opening track ‘The Charlatans’ can come across as creepy at one specific point, where there is a random circus like tune playing about half way through, which did become slightly unnerving when I first listened to this on my way home from Tesco at 00:30 in the morning, but still a great track, these guys kind of remind me  of early KoЯn

9/10 \m/

Those Are Them

Those Are Them are (see what I did there? No? Well it’s funny to me) a Canadian melodic hardcore/djent band, and what can I say? They are one of the most ambitious bands I’ve heard, after forming in 2011, I think its safe to say they have achieved a lot in the past couple of years, I predict big things for these guys if they keep with the hard work they put into their craft now, it will surely pay off

9/10 \m/

unfortunately there isn’t much more I can say about the above mentioned bands at this point cause I don’t have much time, but I will update these reviews with full band reviews for each of these in turn soon, I hope everyone reading this checks out the bands I’ve put across, and as soon as new material is released from any of these I’ll review that as well, there will be more reviews soon for other bands that or establishing or underground, if you know a band I should review let me



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