KoЯn: The Paradigm Shift

So I’ve just got the chance to listen to ‘The Paradigm Shift,’ the new album from KoЯn. The album was released on 4th October. Now to start this off: BUY THIS ALBUM! I’ll include the links below to iTunes where you can purchase it, or go and get a physical copy, you can’t beat a good old fashioned cd. Anyways so back to the review. The album kicks off with the track ‘Prey For Me’ and right from the off you can hear these guys on top form, doing what they do best and that’s making some of the best and at times unique music you will ever hear. While some people might have been put off by their last offering ‘The Path of Totality’ it is hard to argue that KoЯn are back to what every fan knows and loves, making some of the best music you’ll hear. (I know a lot of people class them as Nu-Metal, but i just don’t agree with that, ) There are some parts here and there that are slightly reminiscent of ‘The Path of Totality’ especially on the track ‘Spike In My Veins.’ but again it works well, teaming up with NOISIΛ again (also worked with KoЯn on: “Kill Mercy Within”, “Burn The Obedient” and “Let’s Go.”) I’d say it’s one of the best enhancements to and already great song, this is a well written and recorded masterpiece, Jonathan Davis gives a great performance on all duties he carries out on this record (vocals, bagpipes, keyboards and programming) he carries all this out with the love and dedication we’ve grown to expect from him, with Brian “Head” Welch (returning)  and James “Munky” Shaffer carrying out guitar duties, with some heavier riffs then we have heard from KoЯn recently,  they are rounded off by and perfectly complimented with Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu (bass) and Ray Luzier (drums.) All of them together give one of the most outstanding performances in recent years, in what you could described as KoЯn going a bit closer to what a lot of people would call classic KoЯn. This is a band that will continue to grow and better themselves over the years to help cement their place in music history

10/10 \m/

My Top 5 KoЯn Tracks Past & Present:

Prey For Me

Narcissistic Cannibal


Freak On A Leash

Twisted Transistor

The Paradigm Shift Deluxe Edition (US)

The Paradigm Shift (UK)


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