Trivium: Vengeance Falls

What can you say about Trivium? They hail from Florida and are fronted by Matthew Kiichi Heafy, but everyone knows that don’t they? It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of them. Since forming in 2000, Trivium have released six albums, the newest of which is Vengeance Falls (release date: Monday 14 October UK, and Tuesday 15 October US, out now in Japan.) Now the band streamed/are streaming (slightly confused by this, I found a link for the stream, but I couldn’t find the link on their website again after, not sure why but still) Now when Trivium release a new album some fans (ones I know anyway) like to compare it’s sound to Ascendancy (Trivium’s second album) or Shogun (Trivium’s fourth album) Vengeance Falls, on first listen is like the perfect marriage between both of these great albums. With the passion Matt has shown on all albums to date coming out again in tremendous fashion, to give fans another album full of Triviumness (yeah that’s now a word) that we (the fans) know and love, musically the album has more of a Shogun feeling, with great riffs and solos aplenty, but lyrically to me it has more of an Ascendancy feel, delivered in the fashion that only Matt can do, backed up by Corey Beaulieu and Paolo Gregoletto (both performing backing vocals, along with guitar and bass duties respectively) rounded off perfectly again with Nick Augusto on drums. The album opens up with ‘Brave This Storm’ which is a perfect example of the sheer power of Trivium with their musical talent and song crafting abilities. This is quite a strong album with what should be instant fan favourites including the tracks: Brave This Storm, Vengeance Falls, Strife and Villainy Thrives, it’s hard to find a fault with this masterpiece with the exception of maybe ‘At The End Of This War’ (not taking anything away from Trivium, I’m just not personally a huge fan of the particular song.) I would find it hard to believe if this album does not become an instant fan favourite, with the guitar mastery of Corey and Matt, the bass dexterity of Paolo and the drumming ingenuity of Nick all slotting together like four pieces of the same puzzle > The album was produced by David Draiman (Device, Disturbed) who’s hard work has helped to compliment this album beautifully. Yes that’s right I said it’s beautiful.

9/10 \m/



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