Break The Century

Okay so I came across these guys on twitter, (where I come across many bands, which I shall review at some point.) Now they describe themselves on their twitter profile as ‘Scream Alternative band,’ now I’ve checked out their debut single ‘Forget’ published on YouTube on 9 July 2013, from their upcoming EP ‘Remember Me This Way.’ Now after listening to this track I’ve got to say that it’s a great effort from them, while I would describe them more as ‘Metalcore.’ Now the band is made up of: Spencer Hamme – scream vocals, Ryan Wilbanks – guitar, clean vocals, Jeff Grodi – guitar, and Seger Rauls – drums. Now like me the first thing you probably noticed was there isn’t a bass player listed, does that mean they have parted ways? Or a session musician or synth, or an anti musician? (For those of you who are confused by this term, not sure if I just invented it,but I’ll take credit for that cause I can, an anti musician is someone who is in a band and doesn’t advertise who they are, great example of this is Ghost.) on their Facebook profile they list ‘Chris Locarno – Bass’ but not on twitter, so not too sure what’s happening their. Anyways back to the track I listened to. Yes it is a great effort, but maybe a little “expected” as soon as a band describe themselves as “Scream Alternative” get an idea in your head of what they will sound like, and after checking out the track I have to say ‘meets expectation.’ Now I know what your thinking, “surely that’s the same with any music genre” and while yes technically you have a point, you’d also be wrong cause metalcore for example boasts a whole host of bands that couldn’t sound more different, while yes they have their similarities they also have their differences and these and what makes a band, Killswitch Engage, Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium, these are all bands that are or have been described as metalcore bands and while yes they have similarities they also couldn’t be less “samey.” I would like to say before people are like “but you’ve not been very nice” I would be willing to give these guys another shot if they will send a link to me on twitter, and not another pretentious message like this morning “Hey you should totally check out our song I mean unless you wanna be a square no one wants to be a square.” And yeah okay it got my attention but what happened to bands being like “hey if you’ve got a minute could you check this out” I mean come on we’re not in primary/elementary school, so quick message to the band: unless you just quantum leaped here from the 60’s no one is a “square” any more and it probably isn’t a good way to get new fans, because someone will (like I have) mention it in a review. So yeah all round good effort, but could do with improvement

3/10 \m/



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