Now we take a trip to Sweden, to visit the band Overworld. Would I tell you their your new favourite band? Yes I would, would I tell you to buy their music? No I’ll go one better and include the link so you can buy it, I’ll also throw in the link to there song ‘My Reality’ so you can see yourself how much you love these guys, unfortunately they are the prime example of how mainstream music media can easily overlook rising acts such as Overworld. That’s why I’m here. Over world is made up of: Endigo – vocals, Kaz – guitar, Nikke – guitar, Lynx – bass, Andie – drums. And what a talented bunch they are, with the vocals delivered by Endigo with devotion and raw emotion that isn’t very common to find in underground bands these days. The guitar playing of both Nikke and Kaz is amazing and passionate, Lynx and Andie take the duties or bass and drums (respectively) with the same skill and passion as the rest, I urge you all to support these guys on there way to success, I am sure they will have a hugely successful career ahead of them


8/10 \m/

Overworld iTunes



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