Anchors to Anchors

ATA are a five piece hardcore/metalcore band from Central Pennsylvania, I came across these guys on twitter when guitarist Nick Moist followed me and asked me to check out their stuff, I’ve only just got the chance to so here we go. Now I went to their website (see link below) where I could listen to their debut EP and purchase it, if I’d like to , and I’ve got to say they are probably one of the best bands around at the moment, now I know I say this about a lot of bands, but they really are. The band is made up of: Brandon Esquivel II- Vocals, Kevin Dorko- Guitar, Nick Moist-Guitar, Mitch Mayes-Bass and Danny Morgan-Drums. The EP ‘Clubhouse Cancer’ just jumps from strength to strength with a great mix of screams and clean vocals alike, and a fantastic range of great passionate music, these guys are defiantly one of the bands you should be looking out for, I’m sure these guys will have a great career ahead of them


Anchors to Anchors Clubhouse Cancer




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