Unparalleled Hight

UH are are a hard rock band from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, again like most bands I review I found these guys on twitter. So I decided to give them a listen and see what they are about, upon first listen of the song ‘Spare This Soul’ I was instantly reminded of Avenged Sevenfold, now I’m not saying it’s a bad thing cause A7X are a good band, it’s just on this recording (maybe through recording or mixing troubles) at times vocalist Dave Kelly sounds over powered by the guitar riffs. I feel that this takes something away from an all round good effort. The band is made up of: Dave Kelly – vocals, CJ Masciantonio- Lead Guitar, Tyler James Larkin- Guitar/Vocals, James Davis- Bass and Justin Welling-Drums. Now these are a talented bunch and should have a great career ahead of them. All in all the band has a good sound, and clearly put in a lot of effort in order to make their music great for fans to listen to


Unparalleled Hight iTunes (US)




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