Okay so I had a link sent to me on twitter to a video by EarlyRise and I listened to it a couple of times and found it quite difficult to place, so I thought to myself “damn, how can I write a review of a band if I can’t even place thief genre?” And then it occurred to me, why not listen to another one of their songs? So I did. And after careful consideration I thought hmm “pop punk” wouldn’t be an unfair placement, I mean come on there are some good pop punk bands out there. So yeah Early Rise are a pop punk band from… America? I mean it’s hard to say, these guys and girl don’t really tell you much about themselves, their Facebook, Twitter, and website have no information on where they come from just ” EarlyRise set out on a unique journey, mixing the poetic side of music with the edgier side of rock. EarlyRise was founded by Orly Lari (vocals, piano) and Raz Klinghoffer (guitar player and producer), who combined their different styles and started writing music together. They were later joined by Itamar Goldwasser (Drums) and Dima Grossman (Bass) and finally emerged with their debut album “What if” which was self released in May 2011. The album explores many levels of experience and emotion, making each song unique, with its own style and point of view.” (That’s actually taken from their website I’ll post a link) I mean their website accepts dollars, but I think BFMV’s website does as well and their welsh… so I’ll just guess their American as most bands that I review from Twitter tend to be. Now anyways, for those of you who haven’t heard of them EarlyRise did a cover of ‘Narcissistic Cannibal’ originally by Korn. It’s not a bad attempt (as normal, those who are familiar with how this works their will be a link provided below) so yeah it’s not too bad, but I’ll be honest as always, their own material is better then their Korn cover, nothing against Korn, I reviewed their new album, it’s just I don’t feel that the song matched their style very well. Anyways so back to EarlyRise review, they are good at what they do, an I’m sure they’ll have a good career ahead of them, they play together well, and they are suited at what they do, hopefully there new album will be released soon, and I’ll be able to give you a better insight

4/10 \m/

Narcissistic Cannibal (Korn Cover)

EarlyRise Website


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