Rant 7: People Part 3 (kind of)

Well this makes a change doesn’t it? I’m annoyed with people (sort of) again.

Like all my other rants this has been influenced by things that have happened in my life, and stuff I have seen or heard, now just to start things out, if at any point when you here something or see something that is funny DO NOT respond with “hahahaha lol” you do not need to say lol okay? You don’t, there is no need for it. Ever. Now moving on.

I’ve need doing at lot of thinking lately, and came to the conclusion that recently I hadn’t been too nice to a couple of my friends, not gonna lie, didn’t go according to plan at all. But it sort of brings me on to my next point which I’ve mentioned before, why do people always assume everything is about them? I mean yes you’re a nice enough lass, but (now you will need to sit down for this bit) not everything I write is about you (shocker right?), yes this section here is specifically aimed at you because you think every indirect thing I say is about you, so you know what? If you can’t beat them join them, happy now? An indirect mention in my blog, well done. And yes I know that’s incredibly sarcastic, but what am I meant to do? I’ve told you time and again that I do not write indirects about you, but you wouldn’t listen. Maybe now you will get the message. While on the subject of indirects, I can’t help but feel that things would be easier if any time a  friend annoyed me and I wanted to vent on Facebook I should just tag them in the status, that way it would avoid all these assumptions, but then again if I did I probably wouldn’t have many friends left.

Okay so section 2:

Texting, we all have that one friend that you text and they take ages to reply don’t we? Sometimes we can have a laugh about it, 9 hours? that’s too much, okay? What the hell who takes 9 hours to reply with one word? My nan texts me quicker then that and she don’t talk to me… If I send you a message that has some thought put into it, sorry but I kind of expect the same back, not a one word reply, that annoys me. A lot. And if I take the time to rexr you I expect you to take the time to text me, not ignore me all day, except when you’re out and feeling awkward. Stop. Okay? You shouldn’t treat friends like that, it’s not nice.

So I have this habit that has caused many an argument with friends, where I will notice every little thing they do and remember near enough everything they say to me. Now from what people say and how they act its remarkably easy to work out what their thinking and what they are trying to hide from you. (Unless you’re trying to keep something from a friend and post it on the internet…) <—– I know right? But anyways, so every time I predict something they will go to great lengths to tell me I’m wrong, but the extent they go to, it’s like are you trying to convince me or yourself? Cause I mean if I’ve known you long enough to know what is typical of you and you’re acting different I’m going to know something is up ain’t I? It’s just plain old common sense, oh and having the ability to notice little things with friends like changes in speech patterns, behaviour… okay not gonna lie it does sound creepy… I should probably reconsider that…

Now my next point is an odd one, friendship. Now hear me out on this, there are different levels of friendship… apparently. Now okay lets say we all accept this, if you have to keep telling someone you have a ‘close’ friendship with them, I’ve got news for you, you probably don’t. A close friendship is exhibited by your behaviour to each other, while I may not always be the greatest friend, I will apologise when I’m in the wrong.

I will probably regret this in the morning, but right now I stand by every word. If I know you personally then, thanks for reading my blog 🙂 and if you think any of this is directed at you, just ask and I will tell you 100% honestly if it is



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